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A Local Regular

Noelene has helped me resolve both knee and arm/back pain over the last three years and, each time, I’ve been impressed (and relieved!) by her friendly, thorough approach. She’s so professional and efficiently diagnosed the root of the issue before showing me the best exercises to, firstly, reduce the immediate discomfort I was experiencing and then maintain my joint and muscle flexibility in the longer term. She was committed to seeing me only as many times as was strictly necessary, which helped me budget the cost of my treatment, while referring me on (through my GP) for any appropriate x-rays etc to confirm or clarify her diagnosis. I’d highly recommend her.

Happy Runner

I was given Noelene's contact details by a friend and fellow runner and I saw her twice over two years. She was absolutely professional and also brilliant in her diagnosis and suggested rehabilitation exercises. I would have no hesitation in recommending Noelene to any aspiring runner.

Marathon Training

I'd like to add the positive feedback for Noelene, whom I consulted when training for my first marathon. I was having problems on >16 mile long runs and went to see her for help. She gave me a clear understanding of the problem and prescribed bespoke exercises to fix it. With her help, I managed to complete my first marathon injury free so was very happy. I recommend her to any other runner who has difficulties or needs precautionary advice about a running programme. Aiming for London next year and will turn to her again no doubt!


Sports Injury

Whilst playing netball, I slipped and overstretched my hamstring. I thought it would sort itself out after a few days resting, but it didn't and I was still hobbling about in pain. I knew I should see a physio, so my friend recommended that I get in touch with Noelene. I spoke with her in great detail about my injury over the phone and she was then able to fit me in for a consultation very quickly.

After a thorough assessment, she gave me some really effective exercises to do and a timescale for me to return to playing. Noelene was so helpful and really put my mind at rest in terms of recovery and getting back to playing. I have been to several physiotherapists in London and I can honestly say that Noelene is the best I have been to. She asks the right questions, listens to what you have to say and then gives you the advice that provides you with the confidence that someone with an injury needs to return to their sport. I thoroughly recommend Noelene to anyone looking for a physiotherapist you can trust.

Running Pain

Noelene was highly recommended to me by several colleagues last year. I had a niggling problem in my lower back area from running which I had left untreated. In the very first session Noelene diagnosed that it was a problem with my sacroiliac joint, and treated me extremely successfully. I followed her physio exercises religiously and the problem has not returned, so I have been able to continue running very happily now for over a year. I now visit Noelene with any other injuries that I encounter. Her warm and friendly demeanour makes me always feel at ease and I leave every session feeling that I am on the road to recovery. If you are looking for an extremely experienced, knowledgeable, professional, patient and above all helpful physio, Noelene is perfect. I highly recommend her.


Acute Knee Sports Injury
Noelene was recommended by a friend and I am so thankful I went to see her after I suffered a serious knee injury whilst boxing. Her assessment, diagnosis and recommendation for treatment ensured that I got the surgical intervention I needed without delay. Following a long recovery I am back to fighting fitness and can't recommend her highly enough.


Various Joint Problems

After being mended several times by Noelene, I whole heartedly recommend her.  My own experience is that Noelene listens to you, explains in plain English what's happened, gives sensible advice and ultimately inspires you to work towards a long term solution.  Noelene, thanks for your all your help, support and great conversation!

Mends received so far:

- Dislocated shoulder

- Tendinopathy

- Lower back pain


Various Joint Problems

Noelene Davey is certainly a physio I would visit again & again. She is always completely professional, kind and caring as well as always suggesting the exact treatment needed for any given injury.  I had seen her several times in Australia and when I heard she was based in London I was extremely relieved to know there is someone I can trust to help me with any of my acute injuries. 

My shoulder, neck, and knee are some of the ailments I've had treated by Noelene.

I highly recommend you choose Noelene if you need to see an expert physiotherapist.


I was recommended to see Noelene after receiving results of scans for injury as I had a long wait before seeing a hospital consultant and needed advice. I was really impressed. Noelene did a full assessment, went through my report with me in detail, advised me on what I was facing in terms of treatment and things I should ask the consultant.  We also went through some physio exercises I could do and she advised me on some home, work, and sports specific modifications I needed to make, and answered my questions.
Noelene has also been very helpful in giving me pre and post-op advice.  She doesn't use unnecessary jargon and she's kind and honest.

Low Back Pain

Noelene was recommended to me by a friend four years ago when I was suffering with a lower back injury from playing netball. I was at the end of my tether and had spent a lot of time and money on variety of unsuccessful remedies. Noelene listened, diagnosed and managed my expectations about rehabilitation time and pain control. She then introduced me to Pilates and strengthening my central core. Noelene started with the basic Pilates moves and built me up to more advanced exercises using a Swiss ball. She put me in control and helped me understand my back ache and how I could prevent it from reoccurring. I went back to playing netball feeling confident that my injury would not return.
I have since returned to Noelene with an ankle and knee injuries. Her diagnosis was spot on and the rehabilitation exercises had me back on court in no time at all. I can't thank her enough for all her advice, patience and support over the years.  Noelene is professional, knowledgeable, caring, supportive and friendly. I highly recommend that you choose Noelene to get you back on the path to recovery.


Tennis Elbow

Noelene has an empathic but no-nonsense approach, recognising that often what has caused this type of injury is not something you want to give up for 6 months. A combination of deep massage and exercises, plus advice on the best support band to prevent further damage/recurrence, was invaluable in getting me back on track. I would thoroughly recommend Noelene if you need help with this type of problem.